Kurtzman & Orci Rumoured to Produce Locke & Key Movie


Latinoreview.com is reporting that Alex Kuzman and Robert Orci are set to write and produce the movie adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s IDW Comics miniseries, Locke & Key.

Here is what their inside source had to say:

One of the best comic books out there is called LOCKE AND KEY.  It is written by Joe Hill and drawn by fellow Latino Gabriel Rodriguez, un hermano.  It is set it a cool Massachusetts village called Lovecraft.  The padre of this familia is murdered and the three kids and mom relocate to their estate, Keyhouse.  Turns out the house has many rooms that cannot be opened except by special keys. And scary ass forces in the house start speaking to the padre’s killer and sending him to Lovecraft to finish the job.

This is published by the company that puts out the cool comic book reprints like Little Orphan Annie, as well as Steve Niles’ not scary horror comics, IDW.  It’s one of the best comics out there.  It had been set up at Dimension Films two years ago.  Like most of the projects there, they bought it then shoved it right up their culos.  Now they don’t have any more money, so they lost the rights.  As if to prove that I was right about Darabont being over yesterday, he desperately wanted to get the rights to do the movie.  But no, Joe Hill didn’t want it.  By the way, Joe Hill is really the son of STEPHEN KING.  So ouch, rejection for Frank.  Pobrecito.

So I can Exclusively tell you that writers and producers extraordinaire, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Latino!) have been granted the rights and will produce the project through their DreamWorks deal.  They will make LOCKE and KEY into the next big franchise, te juro!  Go guys!

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