Joel Silver’s Stupid Sgt. Rock in the Future Movie is Still in Development


Back in November, we reported the Joel Silver was planning to produce a Sgt. Rock movie, which would be set in the future (see here).

Today, Silver spoke to the LA Times about the project, stating that

“I’m really close on that now, what we’ve done is gone back to it and we’ve done a new draft that actually came in this week. We have a shot at that one now. I feel good about it. That one might happen. It’s a little bit in the future, as a war movie, it’s not going to be ‘where it’s been,’ it’s going to be ‘where it’s going.’ We didn’t want to do Iraq, we didn’t want to do a contemporary war. We wanted to do a sort of futuristic war. It’s pretty strong. Chad St. John wrote the script and we’ve got Francis Lawrence involved in developing it with us. It’s not a ‘go’ movie yet but I’m feeling good about it.”

Urgh… and I hoped he would come to his senses, oh well!

Joel Silver has been trying to get this project off the ground for nearly 20 years, and will be working on this latest incarnation with director Francis Lawrence, producer Akiva Goldsman, and screenwriter Chad St. John.

Silver’s first attempt to bring the comic series to life was in the In the 1980s, when  Arnold Schwarzenegger was prepared to play Rock, with a script by John Milius and David Peoples. Obviously Schwarenegger’s strong Austrian accent was a bit of a problem, with the character being an American soldier in WWII! The idea would resurface years later, with Guy Ritchie set to direct Bruce Willis, but that idea fell through, so Silver decided to make the movie set in the future. Rational thinking, eh?

Sgt. Frank Rock is a fictional infantry non-commissioned officer during World War II in the DC Comics Universe. He first appeared in Our Army at War #83 (June1959), and was created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert.

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