Hypergeek is back from the dead!


No, that doesn’t mean that I am now a member of the recently risen undead. I am definitely not a… well, we, I mean they, like to call it the Z word. Anyway, I’m definitely not one of them, and have never, and will never crave the delicious flavour of human flesh, or the exquisite textures of the Human brain….. mmmm, brain. What? No, that is not the stench of Formaldehyde you can smell, I am definitely NOT preserving my body with embalming fluid! Who said I was? Good grief!

No, the Website is back from the dead, or if you prefer, it has arisen like a Phoenix from the ashes, reborn anew to live again!

OK seriously, it has been about 2 or 3 weeks since I last posted on here, which is not too long in real life terms, but such a period of inactivity on the internet can lead to the swift death of a blog. I checked stat tracker earlier today, and it seems that without posting, my number of unique users has been about 100 hits a day. That’s not a huge amount of hits for a big site, but I think it is pretty respectable for a completely inactive, fledgling comic blog. I intend to sift through the usage stats from while I was away to see what features people liked best, and maybe that will help me to improve the content. A preliminary glance shows that I got a huge amount of hits for my post about the new Watchmen merchandise. In fact, I’m the top hit on Google for “crappy watchmen merchandise”, and I seem to be the #7 hit for “watchmen merchandise”, which is hilarious! DC will probably have me on some sort of black list now. Strangely the #6 hit for “watchmen merchandise” is a youtube video of Spaceballs: The Movie. WTF?! May the Schwartz be with you!

So, why have I left the blog to rot for all this time? I’ve just had a massively busy month. As you may know, my Wife and I just purchased a new apartment, which we moved in to on August 29th. Since then we have been unpacking, cleaning, buying furniture etc. etc. Before that it was all packing, cleaning the old slum flat, finalizing payments with the lawyer, and all the crap that goes with a house purchase. In addition to the move, my wife started a new job last week, and I handed in my notice for my current job. That’s right folks, we moved house, and we both changed jobs in the space of two and a half weeks. As you will most likely understand, this raised the stress levels to monstrous proportions. On top of that, I have been cycling 40 miles a day, to commute to work. So I have just been tired all the time.

With all this stress, and very little time on my hands, I thought that rather than just making a half-arsed attempt to keep this going, I should just give the blog a rest, and come back to it when I felt I had something decent to post about. I intended to bring the blog back to life on Monday, but while cycling home I was going down the hill that leads to our apartment building, not 10 meters away from my turning, and I put my brakes on way too hard while traveling at 50km/h, which had inevitable consequences. My body collided with the road, and it took a lot more damage than the tarmac did. So, I’ve been in a lot of pain for the last few days, and have only today regained the ability to move my left arm fully. I also have a nasty gash on my nose where my cycling glasses smashed into it, which I just know is going to leave a big scar. Oh well, chicks dig scars! Or so I am told

So, I will be phasing Hypergeek back in, slowly but surely. The regular features that you all know and love will see a return, and I plan to add a few more bits and pieces. I say slow, because I haven’t really been keeping up on the comic world for the last couple of weeks, and have only read about 10 comics in that time. I also have a lead on something special for the site, but I’ll wait and see what happens with that before I clue you in

So, long story short, Hypergeek is back, I am less stressed because I no longer live in the ghetto, and with my new job being so much closer to home, I’m going to have much more time to read comics, write, play music, draw etc. This should result in more good stuff for the blog, I hope.

My parents want some pictures of the new apartment at some point, so I’ll do a shoot this weekend, which will end up on flickr. But for now, I’ll let you have a glimpse of Hypergeek central, coming at you from the new EdCave!

Hypergeek Central

After I moved all my long boxes were falling to pieces, so I thought what the hell! I Called staples, and ordered this beast. The grey one holds about 2000 or so comics. The little black one cost me $3 at a garage sale, this grey one was about 10 times that much.

I still have to keep all my magazine size stuff in boxes though, as I didn’t have room in there for those. So, the closet in this room is still packed to the brim with old 2000 A.D. progs, and Conan comics.

The comics you can see in this picture are all in the "Too be read" pile. Yes, I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

Every study needs a massive picture of Alan Moore! I need to get this framed soon.

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