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This came out a few days ago, but considering how much I mention Alan Moore on this blog, I didn’t want to scare everyone and make them think I am a crazy stalker. Especially since I know Leah Moore and John Reppion subscribe to Hypergeek by email - Hi guys, have you fedexed out those Alan Moore toe nail clipping yet . By the way, you too can subscribe to this blog, either by email, or using your favourite reader. A free Spider-Plant to every new subscriber. I’m serious, our house is overrun by them, they keep multiplying, and I don’t have the heart to throw them away. You pay P+P to your address though

The article can be viewed here

Christ knows how got an interview with Alan Moore, expect them to interview J.D. Salinger next week

Let’s take a look at some of the best bits:

  • Alan talks about how little he cares about the new Watchmen movie, and says how he thinks it works best as a comic. Which is exactly what I said on here last week. He also echoes my sentiment on how pointless all these adaptations we are getting at the moment are.
  • Alan confirms that he will never work with Hollywood, and how he will never work in the American comic industry again. He says he plans just to work with companies like Top Shelf, and other indie publishers. Note: He has a new story coming out from Avatar Press next year.
  • Alan Discusses LoEG Volume III. He says that this volume will have three separate stories: one taking place in 1910; the second in 1968; and the final part occurring in the present. He says that each story can be read on its own, but that there will be an overarching narrative involving the occult. He also discusses how releasing this through an indie publisher has really changed the feel of the story, because they are no longer “unconsciously following the basic formulae of mainstream comics”. He says that the pacing of this volume is much slower, and that it has “a lot more depth and resonance, a lot more drama for the money”.
  • Alan discusses his next novel, Jerusalem. He says he has written about 400,000 words, and estimates that he is two thirds done, and it should be released in a couple of years.

    - I wonder what Jerusalem is about, other than life in Northamptonshire. Could it be inspired by the poem Jerusalem by William Blake? Particular the references to dark Satanic mills, which some believe are referring to the early industrial revolution and its destruction of nature. Bruce Dickinson did a brilliant version of Jerusalem, which you should check out here. It was on the album The Chemical Wedding, which was heavily inspired by the works of William Blake. A film of The Chemical Wedding has recently released, staring Simon Callow as Professor Oliver Haddo, a modern Cambridge scholar who becomes possessed by Aleister Crowley. Note to self: get this shipped from the UK

  • Alan talks a little about Voice of the Fire, which is an amazing novel. If you haven’t read it I would recommend it wholeheartedly, it is magical.
  • He then tells a story about growing up in Northamptonshire and being unable to call a hospital because they had no phone, and no one had a car. That is pretty much how it was in Huddersfield, where my parent’s grew up. I used to live in Hampshire about 5 years ago, and if you called 999 it would take 1 hour for the ambulance to arrive from Basingstoke. It’s nice to know how far things have advanced.
  • Alan is a huge fan of The Wire - Hmm, I’ve never caught an episode of this, I’ll have to try and check it out sometime.
  • Alan is a big fan of The Mighty Boosh. What the hell is going on? When I left the UK my wife and I were about the only people that had ever seen The Mighty Boosh, now everyone seems to love it! It isn’t even on the TV over here! I remember when those guys first started out. They did little sketches on a programme Lee & Herring did for the Paramount Comedy Channel called Festival of Fun. Lee & Herring would interview famous comedians appearing at the Montreal comedy festival, while the Mighty Boosh guys would prance around Montreal doing very strange things. Note to self: look up a torrent of that.

  • Alan loves Southpark, and sings the “in the closet” song. Sweet! I wonder what his favourite episode is. Mine is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O. “Ok, so Adam Sandler is, like, going out with a chick who, like, turns out to be a goat”, “Wow, what a great movie idea!!”.
  • Alan is then asked about practicing magic, and he pretty much answers the same way he did in the Chain Reaction interview when he was interviewed by Stewart Lee, which is a much better interview.

    The interview then breaks down into pointlessness, like asking him why he doesn’t go to conventions, or why he has a big beard. It kind of goes out with a bit of a whimper.

    It is nice to know that Alan Moore and I have similar taste, and similar views on several issues. People always say I am a miserable git because I hate most TV, pop music, and, well… people in general. It’s good to know that I am not alone I can imagine that Alan Moore would be a brilliant person to have a discussion with. Hint, hint to anyone who might know him…….

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