No Comic Talk Tonight, But My Mortgage Woes Are Over, I am Full of Good Grub, and a Little Bit Drunk - Life is Good!


For those of you who are regulars to my blog. Yes, there are a few I know you are out there, somewhere… You will know that my wife and I found our perfect condominium last week. We had been pre-approved on the mortgage, so assumed everything was pretty much wrapped up. Naive? Yep! I’m pretty much cursed with bad luck, so it was no shock that the Universe had a little surprise in stock for us.

We spent all week looking over the Strata Council notes for the last two years and all that fun stuff. After finding nothing amiss, such as needing the entire pool re-tiling, or some other outrages expense, we made an appointment at the bank for Saturday to finalize our Mortgage. Everything was going well, all the money was in place etc, but….. the mortgage broker noticed that my Social Insurance card had a temporary resident number, which begins with a 9. He said that because we weren’t putting over 20% down, this had to run through the computer systems of Canada Loans and Mortgages, and that the system would see the number and flag it up.

The reason I have a temporary number is because the government department that gave me that immigration documents were not the same department who would print me up a Permanent Resident card. The department that runs Social Insurance will not issue a permanent number without seeing the card, and won’t accept the paperwork, even though that is my real PR document. It is mind bogglingly stupid! He said he would still try to put it through though, and see what happened. He couldn’t start on it until Tuesday though, and we needed financing in place by Wednesday, so this was pretty nerve racking stuff. I was pretty stressed out all day today, and I think my wife was extremely close to having a nervous breakdown. Right before closing time at the bank the broker called us to let us know it was approved. Apparently the system did flag it, and it was sent to a mortgage underwriter, who called him. He then faxed them my documents, and they accepted them as proof of my residency. Phew!!!!

To celebrate we went out to have some proper west-coast cuisine at Fifth Street Bar & Grill, and I had a few Bandito Caesars. The Bandito Caesar is a variant on the original Caesar, made with Tequila. I liked it so much I had to go and buy a bottle of Clamato on the way home. Now I have all the ingredients, yum!

Excuse the poor lighting, Fluorescent lights are terrible, even with my 580EX II flash attached. Ick!

Right, I’m off to try and cram a comic in before bed. Oh crap, it is nearly midnight. I have to be up at 6 a.m. Goodnight!

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