Help, I think my brother is a Skrull!


For many years I have thought my brother looks pretty skrully. Check it out:


Now, obviously he doesn’t have the green skin, but look at the big ears, the bum chin. Damn he just has a skrully look. Something to look out for at the next family reunion

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4 Responses to “Help, I think my brother is a Skrull!”
  1. ChrissyK says:


    He is a bit skrully…But he used to look exactly like you. So by putting two and two together, surely YOU must therefore be a skrull!

  2. atomicker says:

    Hmm… the resemblance is indeed worrying. Call Tony Stark, he’ll sort it out.

  3. ChrissyK says:

    If you google james kaye and skrull, this comes up. Yay for keywords!

  4. Edward Kaye says:

    Oh Man, James will kill me

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