From the press release: MORNING GLORIES: A LESSON IN POPULARITY New Printing Scheduled for Runaway Hit in April BERKELEY, CA — 23 March, 2011 — With the first eight issues of MORNING GLORIES sold out and Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma’s enigmatic Shadowline series continuing to attract buzz, Image Comics has announced that the trade [...]

From the press release: WORTH EVERY PENNY Image Comics and Shadowline thank MORNING GLORIES fans with specially priced trade and price drop Berkeley, CA - November 24 2010 - The fans have spoken, making MORNING GLORIES a bestseller! Each issue of the series has been a sellout, and to thank fans, Shadowline and Image Comics [...]

From the press release: MORNING AGAIN MORNING GLORIES does it again with distribution-level sellout of fourth issue Berkeley, CA - 17 November 2021 - Newsarama says the fourth issue of MORNING GLORIES feels “like a high-stakes poker game,” and readers must be all in along with Newsarama — the fourth issue of the critically acclaimed [...]

From the press release: GLORY BE! MORNING GLORIES #2 and #3 sell out at distribution level Berkeley, CA - 18 October 2021 - Morning Glories is one of the hottest books in recent memory, as evidenced by continued demand that has led to four printings of issue #1! MORNING GLORIES #2 has flown off shelves [...]