I swear that Marvel have some evil conspiracy to get me to buy New Mutants regularly. First they cross Mike Carey’s wonderful Age of X story over into the title, and now they give the book to the coolest writing team in the history of comics: DnA! Is it not enough that I already buy [...]

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, this weekend at Kapow! Comic Con, Mark Millar has revealed details on a number of his upcoming “Millar World” creator-owned comics. Projects that Millar announced that we can expect to see in coming months, were: Hit Girl - A spin-off of Kick Ass, featuring the misadventures of Hit [...]

From the press release: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at superstar artist, David Aja’s stunning covers to 5 Ronin! Featuring Wolverine, Psylocke, Hulk, Deadpool and the Punisher, Marvel’s deadliest heroes, these covers are a must have for any fan!  Bound together by the same fate, yet alone in their existence, the Ronin [...]