We’ve had a teaser trailer, and a TV Spot, but today Universal Pictures announced released the first full-length trailer for Cowboys & Aliens. Check it out below! Oh, and Olivia Wilde is ridiculously hot! That is all! Blockbuster filmmaker Jon Favreau directs Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in an event film for summer 2011 that [...]

Universal Pictures announced today that eager viewers will be able to catch the first full-length trailer for Cowboys & Aliens during the April 14th episode of American Idol. So if you can’t wait to see more of the film, make sure to tune in to Fox at 8/7c on Thursday! If, like myself, you want [...]

UPDATE: Deadline.com have talked to their source at Marvel.com, and it appears that Black is now in Final negotiations. The Hollywood Reporter has the story that Shane Black is in contention to direct Iron Man 3 for Marvel Studios. They report that the writer/director has been in talks with Marvel execs about his ideas for [...]

If you missed, or ignored Superbowl XLV on Sunday afternoon, you may have missed the excellent trailer spot for Cowboy & Aliens. Not to worry, we got you covered. check out the video below! I have to say, this looks ten times more interesting than both Thor and Captain America (see those trailers here). To [...]

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Olivia Wilde is in negotiations to star opposite Daniel Craig in DreamWorks Studios adaptation of  Cowboys & Aliens. Jon Favreau is set to direct the movie, which is based on the Platinum Studios/Image Comics graphic novel of the same name, created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. The part to be [...]

The site was down for most of the last few days, as we transferred over to a new, and much improved, host. I had been receiving complaints from my old host that the site’s heavy traffic was killing their servers, which is kinda cool! Hence the reason missed the fact that Yahoo Movies debuted the [...]

The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Jon Favreau has been attached to direct the DreamWorks production of ‘Cowboys & Aliens‘ the movie, based on the Platinum Studios/Image Comics graphic novel of the same name. Long in development, the  project originally was set up at Universal and DreamWorks in 1997 with Steve Oedekerk writing and [...]