I’ve kinda lost track of how many trailers we’ve seen for this movie now, but another new theatrical trailer has been released for X-Men: First Class! This one reveals a bunch of new footage, including scenes of Havoc using his mutant power, via some weird chest-harness contraption, and a scene with Angel spreading her wings. [...]

A TV spot for X-Men: First Class has begun appearing on televisions around the world. The spot contains brief shots of new footage, including Havok blasting plasma from his chest, and Banshee taking flight. Courtesy of movieweb, you can view it below: Also, this picture of January Jones as Emma Frost may be the greatest [...]

Deadline.com are reporting that January Jones has joined the cast of X-Men: First Class, the X-Men movie series spin-off that is set to hit screens on June 3, 2011. Jones is set to play the role of Emma Frost, the telepathic mutant, and love interest of Cyclops. Matthew Vaughn will direct the film. Thor writers [...]

Marvel have provided Hypergeek with a teaser image for the X-Men: Second Coming crossover event, titled “One Will Lead the X-Men in Second Coming“. The image shows Emma Frost (in diamond form), Cyclops, and Magneto, all looking very leader like, and staring out at the reader. The image is drawn by Daniel Acuña. To see [...]