Arune Singh Promoted To Director Of Communications at Marvel, Ryan Penagos Promoted To Editorial Director


I heard some talk on the Twittersphere that Marvel had promoted Arune Singh to Director of Communications, and that Ryan Penagos (better known as Agent M) had been made Editorial Director. It looks like Bleeding Cool had the full news on the promotions, here, and here.

Arune has been working for Marvel for a couple of years now, in the position of ‘Manager of Sales Communications’. He used to email me press releases, several times a day, but recently that task was fallen to their new Junior Sales Administrator, James Viscardi. This made me think that he was moving on to bigger thing, and sure enough, eagle-eyed Rich noticed that on his latest email, his signature had changed to say ‘Director of Communications, Publishing & Digital Media’. That’s a pretty big promotion, so congratulations to him!

Rich also noticed that Agent M had changed his Twitter bio from saying ‘Editor of’ to ‘Editorial Director of’. Another great promotion, so huge congrats to him also!

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