So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!


You’ve probably noticed that it’s been a bit quiet around here for the last week or so. Well, there is a very good reason for that: after 3 years of writing and maintaining the site, I’ve decided to call it quits.

There are a number of reasons for this. Primarily, it’s because I just don’t have the time to keep the website up to the standard that I would like it to be, and I don’t want to do a half-arsed job of it. At its peak, I was probably putting about 30 hours a week into the site, alongside working 40 hours a week, reading all the latest comics for about 20 hours a week (I buy *that* many), and trying to find any spare time to spend with my wife. Oh, and did mention that I work night-shift, and therefore hardly ever get to see her?

If writing this site was my main job, and I was getting paid to do it, that would be a different matter - I would pour my heart and soul into it, and make it my singular focus. However, as it stands I make approximately bugger all in ad revenue - not even enough to pay the server costs!

Why now? Well, there are a lot more distractions in my life these days. I’m spending a lot of time looking for a new full-time job, because I have just one month until I am laid-off due to outsourcing, and I really can’t afford to have another extended period of unemployment. So that’s my main focus right now!

Another reason is that I have rediscovered my love of music. When I was much younger I almost embarked on a career in music, having graduated from music school and everything. I gave all that up though, got a degree in Biology and embarked on a pretty dull science career instead. Sadly, even that career died eventually, due to a lack of jobs. Somewhere over the years I lost my interest in music, and gave it up completely. Recently though, that spark was reawakened, and I feel the need to play all the time. I need to get a couple of hours of practice in every day, and that’s pretty hard to do while trying to run a website.

I still love comics very much, and would love to continue to be involved in them in some way. So if anyone is looking for a website contributor, let me know, as I would love to do some reviews, articles, and interviews. Also, my weekly creator-owned shopping list is a really popular feature, so if anyone wants me to bring it over to their site, let me know! I might hit a few people up when SDCC is done and dusted.

Thanks for reading over the years, and thanks also to all the great writers, artists, editors, PR folks, and others who have given me great stories and interviews. I’ve had a fantastic time doing the site, and made a number of new friends, but all good things must come to an end.

Oh, and don’t worry, the site will still stay in place, so you will continue to be able to access all of the older material. Once traffic starts to tail off I’ll probably downgrade my hosting package to a slower speed, but you hopefully won’t notice the change.

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6 Responses to “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!”
  1. Nightwyrm says:

    Sad to hear this, bro, but totally understandable. Hope all goes well for you going forward and we’d love to work with you in some shape or form when the dust settles.

  2. Thomas Sunderland says:

    Tis a sad day when such an amazing website has to be essentially closed down ):

  3. Leigh gallagher says:

    Mate, thanks for all the plugs you’ve given me and 2000AD. We all understand why you’re doing this, just sorry you couldn’t make a living from this site. I know this ain’t the last we’ve seen of you though!

    Good luck, and hugs from me.

  4. Edward,
    All the best to you. If you were to do one review per week or per month, that could be satisfying.

    You have accomplished so much already so it is a matter of doing what feels right. Do whatever feels right.

    I try to keep to a schedule. In the end, I do what feels right for me.
    I posted the news about Hypergeek on my own blog:

  5. Edward Kaye says:

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for all the kind comments. I feel a bit overwhelmed!

    I may well have a bit of a blog writing gig in the works, but it’s too soon to say anything. I will certainly be popping up around the web with various reviews, because there are some books that *need* to be brought to the public attention, and often get overlooked by the big sites.

    Thanks again!


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