Ducktales #1 Sells out & Goes to Second Print!


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June 6, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA –BOOM! Studios announced today that DUCKTALES #1 has sold out, sending the all-new high-flying Uncle Scrooge adventure series into second print! Written by EPIC MICKEY creator Warren Spector with art by the talented team of Leonel Castellani, Jose Massaroli, and Magic Eye Studios, second printings of DUCKTALES#1 are available to order immediately through Diamond Distributors using the Diamond Code: APR118194.

Fans should keep in mind, while Diamond Comic Distributor and Haven Distributors are completely sold out, first printings of DUCKTALES #1 may still be found at the local comic shop nearest you. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Just use

“Hats off to the incredibly talented Warren Spector, Leonel Castellani, Jose Masseroli and Magic Eye Studios for creating a smash hit that fans truly craved,” says BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “Their talent helped make this sell out possible, and now we only have the future to look forward to and even more DUCKTALES adventures!”

“The fans wanted Ducks and boy did DUCKTALES deliver!” says BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “The fan support behind the DUCKTALES animated series is tremendous and it’s awesome to see so many of those same fans coming out in droves to support the DUCKTALES comic series. But this is just the beginning, and Scrooge and DUCKTALES fans will not want to miss what happens next!”

Since its release, DUCKTALES #1 has garnered critical acclaim across a wide spectrum. See what critics have to say!:

“…retains much of the inherent charm of the original series…”

“DUCKTALES is gearing up to be a can’t-miss comic, for fans of the series and newly interested readers alike.” – Comics Bulletin

“Spector does a great job of capturing the feel of DUCKTALES, the character voices, and whatever it is that made the classic so enjoyable… 4.5/5” – cxPulp

“…delivers good fun for everybody and most importantly, it will please new and old fans alike” – Player Affinity

DUCKTALES #1 second print (Diamond Code: APR118194) features a “Parachute Scrooge” variant by Leonel Castellani and is the first installment of the all-new ongoing Uncle Scrooge adventure series written by Warren Spector (EPIC MICKEY) with sensational art by Leonel Castellani, Jose Massaroli, and Magic Eye Studios. The first printing shipped with two covers in a 50/50 split by Leonel Castellani and Jonathan Gray respectively and a 1-in-10 incentive cover by James Silvani.

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