Auctions 78 Godzilla #1 Variant Set to Benefit Hero Initiative


From the press release:

North Texas-based, the mail-order division of Lone Star Comics, has launched a unique auction benefiting The Hero Initiative. The benefit auction lot contains all 74 editions of the comic that feature a Direct Market comic shop being smashed under the beast’s mighty foot! Also included are the 1-in-10 variant edition, both regular covers, and an extra Lone Star Comics variant that has been signed and remarked by cover artist Matt Frank.

Individual stores could meet an order minimum to have their store “smashed” by Godzilla, the star of IDW’s bold new take on the classic Japanese monster genre by Eric Powell. A complete set of these rare comics would be very difficult for a collector to assemble on their own, but was collected with help from publisher IDW. Matt Frank was visiting Lone Star Comics on a trip through town and was happy to sign and remark a copy for the lucky winner, as well.

Chris Powell, General Manager / CRO of Lone Star Comics and said, “We’re very pleased that our new auction system allows us to hold benefit auctions like this without the financial overhead of other auction sites. 100% of the winning bid for this auction lot will go to the vital work of The Hero Initiative. We’re always pleased to support them and respect the work they do to help current and former comic creators in need.”

This item is part of a monthly auction at The May auction features more than 240 premium books, including a Web of Spider-Man #1 CGC’d at 9.8, a Watchmen #1 CGC’d at 9.4, early Uncanny X-Men issues, 2 Golden Age Captain Marvel Adventures CGC’d at 8.0, and more.

This monthly auction runs from May 14th to the 22nd. Auctions end when no additional bids have been received for 5 minutes after 9:30PM CST.

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