Superman: Man of Steel Plot Leaks - Origin Story, Jor-El, New Krypton, Faora/Ursa, and Daniel Day-Lewis!


Yesterday, in an interview with E! online Diane Lane, who is cast as Martha Kent in Superman: Man of Steel, leaked a minor plot detail about the film’s structure, saying:

“I read the script under lock and key. I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it. I nailed it into my memory. I’m really excited. I’m really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on.”

Which suggests that Man of Steel will contain Superman’s complete origin story, much like Batman Begins did for Batman.

I didn’t share this news, because frankly I didn’t think it was worth bothering about. However, Latino Review did a piece of the news, and following their post, they were contacted by an anonymous source offering to reveal further plot details. Latino Review vouch for their source’s reliability, and say that they leaked them the details on Kevin Costner’s casting as Jonathan Kent, way before the news broke, and also leaked them the news that Zod would be announced as the major villain. That being said, be aware that these are not official plot details. Here’s what their source revealed:

  • You will see JOR-EL and his wife, Lara.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis was looked at for JOR-EL and not the villain.
  • Krypton will not be a crystal planet like the Donner film; this Krypton will PROBABLY look like the Coruscant skyline from Star Wars.
  • The Kryptonian villainess is not URSA…Well sort of. The villainess is FAORA.

Superman fans in the know will be aware that Faora Hu-Ul is the name of a kryptonian villainess who first appeared in Action Comics #471. Richard Donner based the character of Ursa in Superman & Superman 2 on that of Faora.

Their source also told them that she” is a bad ass in the script” and that she is Zod’s “right hand bitch.”

Interesting rumours, and they don’t sound too unlikely. It makes sense that they would work in the origin, and with Zod being cast, Ursa/Faora was pretty much a done deal. I’ve actually heard the Ursa rumour before, and some people have hinted that the role may be given to Lindsey Lohan, which would be… interesting!

More on this story as it happens!

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  1. [...] Further speculation has it that the character won’t be Ursa, but rather will be Faora, the original character from the comics, upon which Ursa was based. [...]

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