MCM Buzz Release Exclusive Free Manga Series!


From the press release:

The MCM Buzz is proud to announce the release of the first part of their exclusive online Manga series.


The series created exclusively for by artist Christopher Chong, tells the story of a young girl called Chloe and her mission to educate her friend in the art of Cosplay in time for the London MCM Expo event. The story will be spread over six parts, all of which will be available for FREE on starting on Friday April 15th 2011.

“The release of this Manga marks the first of many new pieces of original content that we plan to release on the MCM Buzz as part of the Buzz originals brand,” comments MCM Buzz editor Stuart Claw, “It is a great opportunity for us to help give new talent a voice in this competitive industry and we plan to offer more people that opportunity in the months to come.”

The project is the brainchild of both Stuart Claw and artist Christopher Chong, “Christopher originally emailed in and asked about joining the writing team and when I saw the Manga he had drawn on his website, I discussed with him the idea of doing an exclusive series for us and he accepted,” continues Stuart, “We then brainstormed ideas and once we had the general direction I left him to it and the end result is what readers will be able to see shortly.”

“The project has been an excellent challenge and a fantastic experience.  I’ve personally had many fun memories and met brilliant new friends at the expo so this manga has been a great opportunity for me to showcase my passion,” comments Christopher, who in 2010 studied the art of Anime Animation at Nihon Kogakuin college in Japan.

The first part of the Manga will be released on on Friday April 15th and then a new part will be available every Friday for six weeks in the building up to the London Expo Event this May.

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