Infestation: Outbreak Teaser #2 (of 7): Meet Nikodemus


IDW have supplied Hypergeek with the second of seven teaser images for their upcoming Infestation follow-up series, Infestation: Outbreak.

To see the first teaser, click here.

The second teaser introduces readers to the character of Nikodemus, a member of CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations.

Infestation Outbreak is co-written by Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz, with art by David Messina. The series will feature covers by Messina and Davide Furno, with a special retailer incentive cover for issue #1 by Ben Templesmith. The first issue has a scheduled released date of June 22nd, and is currently available for pre-order in DIAMOND PREVIEWS with the order code: APR110296.

IDW will be releasing one teaser per day for the next seven days. All art for the teasers is by David Messina. Check the second one out below:

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