Greg Pak to Reveal the Origins of Cap’s Nemesis in Red Skull


This weekend at Wondercon 2011, Marvel announced that this July, writer Greg Pak is set  to reveal the origin story of Captain America’s greatest nemesis in the five-issue mini, Red Skull. Pak will be joined on the title by artist Mirko Colak of Secret Warriors fame, and David Aja on covers.

“The story begins in Munich in 1923 and follows an orphan named Johann Schmidt as he claws his way through a world of soul-crushing economic crisis, political chaos, assassinations in the street, and the rising threat of the Nazi Party,” Pak explains. “It’s a historical epic, a political thriller, and the chilling story of the birth of a monster all in one. And as Johann rises, we’ll see how a nation so often considered the most civilized and cultured in Europe slides towards fascism and the utter horror of Nazi rule.

“The book is also the definitive origin of the Red Skull, Captain America’s greatest nemesis. So Cap fans and Marvel Universe fans definitely won’t want to miss it.”

“Because of the unfathomably horrific crimes of their real-world counterparts, some of the most terrifying fictional villains of all time have been Nazis,” he says. “And The Red Skull’s not just a Nazi, he’s Hitler’s hand-picked super-Nazi. And his visual design is iconic, entirely representative of the essence of the character, and genuinely terrifying.

“From ‘Faustus’ to ‘The Godfather,’ stories about characters who lose their souls have always been compelling. Without spoiling too much, I’ll just say that I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the early lives of murders and serial killers, and there’s a process to becoming a monster. Is [Johann] evil from the beginning? You’ll have to read the story to find out. But we’ll be following him through his critical early years, which not coincidentally are the critical early years in the rise of the Nazi Party.”

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