Green Lantern Wave 2 Stel Figures Sell Out


Diamond Distribution have announced that they have sold out of Mattel’s Green Lantern Wave 2 Stel Action figure set.

They have stated that the set is now oversold, and will have to be allocated. The item is being collated in an attempt to satisfy all initial orders.

It’s been a while since I bought any Green Lantern figures (I have about 50), as with the rise in popularity of the character, it’s been hard to keep up. However, I’m quite tempted by this collection, as it has some pretty unique looking figures!

All figures measure 7″, and each comes with a piece that connects up to make Stel. Available in the set are:

-Lantern animals Dex, Desportellis, and B’dg 3 pack
-Star Saphire
-Sodam Yat Ion
-Green Lantern Nautkeiloi and Medphyll (1 body with interchangeable heads)
-Red Lantern Skallox and Night Lik (1 body with interchangeable heads)
-Green Lantern movie preview figure,
- CNC Stel

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