GloomMACHINE Comic Magazine is alive!


From the press release:

HollowViolin Entertainment announces the launch of G. Dante Sapienza’s GloomMACHINE comic magazine, available NOW. GloomMACHINE is Über Violent, Über Sexy, Über Gritty & Über Twisted comic stories, photo spreads and soon to be short films!

G. Dante Sapienza is well known for his darkly twisted yet  “fashion-esque” photography and art. His epic GloomMACHINE universe is a concept that combines all his many talents and passions into one post apocalyptic vision.

GloomMACHINE comic magazine follows the classic 2000AD format. Large, tabloid size pages, and multiple stories from a selection of guest writers and artists from around the world.  Each story tells part of the tale of the GloomMachine world.

But this isn’t any ordinary comic book, because every issue also includes one of the Beautiful Gloom Machine girls from the illustrated stories brought to life via a massive photo spread! The BGMs of the GloomMACHINE world are more than just pretty faces. They’re heavily armed, super-strong warriors on a mission! Exactly what mission is yet to be revealed, but in the meantime there’s no doubt these gun totin’ post-apocalyptic cuties will find plenty of trouble to keep themselves occupied. Combine twisted stories, killer artwork and stunning photography and you have one über of a comic.

Issue one of GloomMACHINE Comic Magazine introduces the devastated world in which GloomMACHINE is set. We meet Beautiful Gloom Machine 801 in her first encounter with cyborg zombies (you heard right CYBORG Zombies)! We also hear of the mysterious Dr Gloom, who seems to be the puppet master behind the BGMs various missions into the dead lands.

G. Dante Sapienza has big plans for GloomMACHINE. Including more comic magazines and photoshoots, with a series of short films in the pipeline as well. For more details on issue one, and to keep up to date with the latest from the world of GloomMACHINE

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The official GloomMACHINE website and the place to purchase issue one go to

You can contact the man behind GloomMACHINE at drgloom[at]gloommachine[ dot ]com

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