Dark Horse Comics Affected by Layoffs!


I just learned via an article at CBR that Dark Horse have had to lay off a number of staff members, including members of their editorial and marketing departments

According to CBR, believed to be included in the layoffs (though not the sum total of persons leaving the company) are editors Shawna Gore and Dave Land as well as sales assistant Max Sato.

I just want to wish good luck to everyone affected by the lay offs, and hopefully they will all be able to find something new soon. In my previous day job as a Biochemist, I was laid off from two different jobs, and had to endure several long months of unemployment. Finally, I had to give up and start a new career. It’s rough out there.

Keeping this site, I’ve made a number of contacts at the company over the years, and hope no-one I know has been affected. Good luck everyone!

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