Buck Rogers Flies Again at Hermes Press


From the press release:

Hermes Press continues its definitive reprint collection of the vintage Buck Rogers daily comic strip with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: the Complete Newspaper Dailies-Volume 5, 1935-1936. Americans were well steeped in the Great Depression when these strips came out, but that didn’t keep writer Philip Nowlan or artist Dick Calkins from challenging the troubles of a country with more idealistic science fiction!

This time around, Buck, Wilma and Dr. Huer must face off against the threat of Queen Ardala’s armies of Uranus, as well as the Pirates of Pallas, as Buck Rogers continues to take the heroes of the 25th century across space. And, of course, it all happens against the backdrop of Buck and Wilma’s believable (and comically dysfunctional) romance.

The introduction by historian Eugene Seger features color reproductions of Buck Rogers memorabilia and gets you up to speed on the world of this 20th century man out of time.

Along with our collection of Buck Rogers Sunday strips, we continue to keep the future of the past alive with our definitive reprint series, as home of the classic Buck Rogers.

ISBN 1-932563-48-2; Black and white with color section

Hardcover; 272 pages;

$49.99; available now

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