WonderCon: Small Press Has Got Game


From the press release:

The Devastator is the quarterly comedy magazine for humans, not dragons or spaceworms!  We’re ready to interact with many such humans at WonderCon ’11!

Our comics and humor have been noted in Wired, CBR, Cartoon Brew, The Beat, and more! However, as it’s our first WonderCon, we want to make a snazzy impression. So snazz we’re giving them — with a fun QR code contest for fans and n00bs alike:

The QR Code Turbo-Game 9000 is happening exclusively at The Devastator booth SP-09. If you’re attending, here’s where to find us! It’s simple: stop by and scan our table’s QR code. You’ll “capture” a random, completely original Devastator character on your phone. (They’re certainly not satires of popular copyrighted characters, that’s for sure!) We’ll change the QR code constantly — you’ll never know who you get next! Can you catch 2, 4 or 6 unique characters by Sunday, 4/3/11? If so, you’ll win awesome prizes!

We’ll have some of our top artists on hand to sketch and sign their arts, including Scott Gross (DC Comics), Daniel Stone and Grace Anderson. In addition, we’ll have the first preview from Devastator #3: Cats. In addition, the first 20 people who subscribe to The Devastator at WonderCon get a free t-shirt!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @getdevastated, for contest updates, news from the ‘Con, wacky riddles, and more! It doesn’t get much better than The Devastator booth.

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