Radical Publishing Announces R NEWS


From the press release:

Radical Publishing is pleased to debut two episodes of its all-new, all-improved R News segment! In our first video, our host highlights the recently released Time Bomb trade paperback, featuring the stellar writing of fan-favorite duo Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and art from award-winning comics veteran Paul Gulacy. The second installment of R News features the third and final issue of After Dark, Radical’s hit science fiction series from creators Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and Wesley Snipes (Blade), and introduces R News’ lovely new co-host.

After the release of an initial test episode of R News, Radical made a point of listening to fans’ feedback; as a result, R News has been completely reworked with fans’ requests in mind, now featuring less yelling, more suits, more singing, and more pretty ladies. One thing, however, hasn’t changed: our dedication to delivering Radical’s latest news, including announcements on upcoming projects and happenings, interviews with top-tier Radical creators, and features on the high-quality books our fans have come to know and love.

Radical is currently planning to produce news segments on a biweekly to monthly basis, staying up-to-date with major events and releases; we hope we can count on your support for these and future episodes of R News and thank you, as always, for your ongoing support of Radical Publishing and its endeavors.

Here are the first two editions of R News:



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