Oni Press is Pleased to Announce the Promotion of Jill Beaton & Charlie Chu to Editor


From the press release:

Critically acclaimed, creator-centric graphic novel publishing house Oni Press, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Jill Beaton and Charlie Chu to Editor.

“For the last year both Jill and Charlie have given their all to Oni Press as associate editors and integral parts of our editorial team,” editor in chief James Lucas Jones proclaimed. “They each have taken on added responsibility, working with established Oni creators on stellar books and reaching out to bring new creators into the Oni fold.”

“I believe we have one of the strongest editorial departments in comics,” added publisher Joe Nozemack. “Jill and Charlie are a big part of that. These new titles recognize their hard work to date and present them with new challenges that will only continue to grow their editorial prowess.”

Founded in 1997, Oni Press, Inc. is a leading publisher of creator-owned comics and graphic novels. Not content to focus on any one genre or format, Oni Press believes that sequential art is for everyone and that there’s a comic out there for every type of reader.

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