Is DC Hinting at the Return of Swamp Thing to the DCU?


Comics writer Simon Spurrier thinks so!

On his Twitter account, he just Tweeted the following:

“So, um. I can’t be the only one who’s spotted Swamp Thing hidden in cunning ways on DC solicit covers, right?”

He believe that the mysterious character who is outlined on the cover of June’s Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search #1 (shown below) may actually be everyone’s favourite plant elemental. He also points out that covers of several upcoming books feature symbolism such as trees and roots, as show on cover to June’s Batman: Gates of Gotham #2 (shown below). He also believes that you can see Swamp Thing outlined in the “profile” formed by Hawkgirl’s wings on the cover of Brightest Day #6 (shown below).

What do you think? Is he on to something here, or is he (as I have long suspected) quite insane?

Swamp Thing hasn’t been shown in the DC Universe since he attended the funeral for the ghost of Jim Corrigan in the final issue of The Spectre #62, way back in 1997. DC have been wanting him back in the DCU for a number of years now, but word is that Karen Berger was not willing to give him back.  However, last year, a story started to spread that Dan Didio had decreed that DC could have Swamp Thing back, along with several other characters, and that there return would be linked to Brightest Day. Are we seeing a hint of things to come?

You can see the covers of all of DC’s solicited titles at Let me know if you see any more!

Cover to Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search #1

Cover to Batman: Gates of Gotham #2

Cover to Brightest Day #6

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  1. [...] it looks like Simon Spurrier was actually on to something a few weeks back (see here). However, DC stipulate that the shadowy figure on the cover is not Swamp [...]

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