Drawn & Quarterly’s Schedule for WonderCon 2011


Drawn & Quarterly have released their events schedule for WonderCon 2011, and you can check it out below.

Oh look, they’re bringing Seth with them, and I’m not going… just great!

From the D&Q Blog:

Huh? What’s this, you say? D+Q is at WonderCon this weekend with Seth as a special guest, and Vanessa Davis is signing, and there will be debut copies of Shigeru Mizuki’s ONWARD TOWARDS OUR NOBLE DEATHS and Pascal Girard’s REUNION? Yes, you read that right, people. D+Q will be at booth 416 next to our pals Top Shelf and Last Gasp at the Moscone Center in SF from Friday to Sunday, taking care of all of your independent comics needs. Special thanks to Comic-Con and the Comic Arts Conference for their generousity with Seth’s special guest invitation. The D+Q comedic dream team of Tom & Jessica will be staffing ye olde booth.


2:00-3:15 Seth Signing at the D+Q booth #416

3:30-5:00 Comics Arts Conference 3: Focus on Seth— WonderCon special guest Seth joins the CAC for a focus panel with Kathleen Dunley (Rio Salado College) to discuss Seth’s work and how comics can be used as an act of preservation — both literally, as with the cartoonist’s Doug Wright collections, and metaphorically, as with Seth’s Dominion project in Palookaville or the “preservation” of fictional Canadian TV personality George Sprott. Room 204/206

5:00-6:00 Seth Signing at the D+Q booth #416

6:00-7:00 Graphic Novels: The Long and Short of It— From the comic shop to the bookstore to the classroom, graphic novels have changed the comics landscape forever. Moderator Andrew Farago (The Cartoon Art Museum) and WonderCon special guests Hope Larson (Mercury) and Seth (George Sprott), plus Miriam Libicki (Jobnik!), Andy Ristaino (Escape from Dullsville), and Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze) discuss the pleasures and perils of the long-form comic. Room 236


1:00-3:00 Vanessa Davis Signing at the D+Q booth #416

3:00-5:00 Seth Signing at the D+Q booth #416


1:00-1:00 Seth Signing at the D+Q booth #416

1:00-3:00 Vanessa Davis Signing at the D+Q booth #416

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