Arnold Schwarzenegger to Become a Stan Lee Created Superhero - The Governator!


Yes, you read that right!

I thought that Stan Lee had gone as low as how could go with the much-despised NHL Guardian project, but it would appear that I was wrong!

Entertainment Weekly have revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to be used as the basis for a new cartoon/comic superhero called The Governator, based on the nickname given to him during the 2003 California Governorship race.

“The word Governator combined two worlds: the world of politics and the movie world. And [this cartoon] brings everything together. It combines the governor, the Terminator, the bodybuilding world, the True Lies…” , says Schwarzenegger.

The character will star in an animated TV show and comic book, which is being developed by comics legend Stan Lee.

“The Governator is going to be a great superhero, but he’ll also be Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Lee says of the semi-fictional character. “We’re using all the personal elements of Arnold’s life. We’re using his wife [Maria Shriver]. We’re using his kids. We’re using the fact that he used to be governor. Only after he leaves the governor’s office, Arnold decides to become a crime fighter and builds a secret high-tech crime-fighting center under his house in Brentwood.”

It gets worse…

Along with the Arnold Cave, the Governator will have a fleet of super vehicles at his disposal, a closet full of “Super Suits” that allow him to fly and perform other super stunts, and a team of colorful sidekicks, such as Zeke Muckerberg, the precocious 13-year-old computer whiz who acts as the Governator’s cybersecurity expert. Naturally, there will also be recurring supervillains — including an evil organization called Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-cons (or G.I.R.L.I.E. Men, for short). For Schwarzenegger, the cartoon is obviously the next best thing to being President. “I love the idea of a control center below my house with a path so that boats and submarines can go right into the ocean,” he tells EW. “In the cartoon, my house is much closer to the beach than where we live, but, you know, it’s a cartoon.”

Oh Stan! How the mighty have fallen! I think the three characters he created for BOOM! Studios may well have been his Swan Song. Someone should stop him before he moves into creating porn parody characters.  I mean, the guy is 88 years old, when the hell is he going to retire?

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