Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic @ London Word Festival; May 4th


A number of the people involved in Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic magazine, will be gathering at Round Chapel in Hackney on May4th, for a night of art, comedy, and discussion. Find the details below:

Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic

Steve Aylett, Robin Ince, Savage Pencil, Melinda Gebbie, Kevin O’Neill & The Retro Spankees

Round Chapel | 7pm | £10 adv/£12 door

Alan Moore’s reinvigoration of the underground fanzine, Dodgem Logic, comes alive in the non-conformist surroundings of Hackney’s Round Chapel. A night of art, comedy, comment and put-something-back localism. Released bi-monthly since 2009, Dodgem Logic is equal parts escapist entertainment, social curiosity and grassroots activism: a formidable pick-and-mix of hardworking humour and indie-essaying. An ink-stained-mantle-carrier for all the socially involved photocopy-and-staple self-published antecedents. With Robin Ince heading up a colossal stand-up bill, artists Steve Aylett, Savage Pencil, Melinda Gebbie and Kevin O’Neill panel-up to talk about their comic work, while music comes from hyperactive racketeers The Retro Spankees. With an exhibition of artwork from the magazine, and conducted by editor-in-chief Alan Moore.

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