WizKids Unveils Images For Heroclix: Giant Sized X-Men Super Boosters


Wizkids have released several images of figurines from their upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Giant-Sized X-Men set. The set is too big to contain in a normal booster, so WizKids are introducing the “Super Booster,” containing figures unlike any done before for HeroClix!

This new series consists of 67 new collectible HeroClix figures (55 in the regular booster, plus 12 in the Super Booster). Subthemes include: The Astonishing X-Men, The Brotherhood of Mutants, NextWave and Hellions. The Super Booster contains iconic X-Men duo figures, the Horseman of the Apocalypse, and huge figures such as Nemesis, Onslaught, and the Sentinels! The “Buy It By The Brick” rewards program features an exclusive Jamie Madrox HeroClix figure which can be redeemed in-store with Brick purchase. The Giant-Sized X-Men Brick features 8 boosters and one super booster!

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