The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks Gets a Zarjaz New Cover!


The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks is an indispensable tome for fans of the work of Alan Moore. The book collects almost every Future shock and Time Twister that Moore wrote during his time with 2000 AD, as well as all of his Abelard Snazz stories.

2000 AD is currently preparing to launch a new North American distributed version of the book, and in preparation, they have commissioned a new cover for the book, to replace the admittedly plain one featured on the current printing.

This duty has fallen to Rebellion graphic designer/artist Luke Preece, who has produced a zarjaz new cover, which he says he designed as a kind of Tharg/Alan Moore hybrid. Check out the image below, and to see his designs for the cover, head over to his blog.

To pre-order the new North American printing of The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks, which will be released in May 2011, head to my store store.

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