Memoir #1 Sells Out and Gets a Second Printing


Huge congratulations to Ben McCool and Nikki Cook! I can’t say I’m surprised though, because it was a bloody great first issue. If you haven’t read it, check with your comic store, as they may still have some on the shelves.

From the press release:

It’s No Mystery Why This Creepy New Title Sold Out

After introducing horror hits like THE WALKING DEAD and HACK/SLASH, it should be no surprise that Image Comics has provided yet another frightening new must-read series, but here it is: MEMOIR #1 has sold out! A second printing of Ben McCool and Nikki Cook’s creepy new six issue miniseries about the disturbing secrets of a small town that has suffered a mass amnesia will be back in stores again in March.

Writer Ben McCool (co-creator of CHOKER with Ben Templesmith) said, “I’m absolutely delighted with the book’s response, and I want to thank everybody who’s supported us. I am truly humbled. And fear not, horror fans: there’s plenty more creepiness to come!”

“The fans have made it clear that they love it when we scare them,” added up and coming artist Nikki Cook, “Well, we appreciate that, and we’ll do everything we can to continue creeping you out!”

MEMOIR #1 introduced fans to the deeply damaged town of Lowesville through the eyes of an ambitious, cocky young reporter named Trent MacGowan. The first issue wraps up with a startling reveal that will raise many questions about the events and characters in this small town, and McCool and Cook promise readers more chills as this story of loss continues to unfold.

MEMOIR #2 (DEC100483), a 32-page black and white horror mystery comic book for $3.50, will be in stores on February 16, 2011. MEMOIR #1 Second Printing (DEC108198) will be available again in stores on March 2, 2011.

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