MAC Releases a Line of Wonder Woman Make-Up


I just found out that MAC are releasing an exclusive line of Wonder-Woman make-up! The line is set to hit shelves next month, and will make a perfect Valentine’s gift for the female geek in your life! Well, that, and it’s perfect for the hipster crowd that love things that are ironic, and buy all their clothes at Hot Topic

I’ve posted a picture of the lip stick from the line, below, along with a couple of piece of promotional artwork, drawn by the one and only Mike Allred! I’m not going to go into the whole line here, because The Beat have done a bloody fantastic write-up about it, and I’d just be copying and pasting their info, so to get the full scoop, head over to

Oh, and you might also want to check out Noir Jewlery’s line of DC Comics themed items.

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