Exclusive: Steve Rude Set to Draw a New Gods Strip for Wednesday Comics 2


No official word has been put out on Season 2 of DC’s Wednesday Comics series, but fans have assumed that it’s coming at some point, due to the overwhelming popularity of the first round. However, today I came across a nugget of news about the series, that I’m not sure is generally known yet.

It would appear that Steve Rude, of Nexus fame, has agreed to draw a New Gods strip for the second season of Wednesday Comics. This news come directly from Steve’s wife, who maintains his Facebook page. She released the information in response to a fan inquiry about when Steve was going to be working on another comic project:

So there you have it, a bit of exclusive news!

The Dude seems like an amazing choice of artist to take on Jack Kirby’s New Gods. His own creation, Nexus, is an epic space opera, and I’d love to see him bring that passion to a New Gods comic!

Pictured below, Big Barda, as painted by Steve. Please note, this is NOT from the upcoming strip!

While you’re in the mood, head on over to http://www.steverude.com/ and drop a few bucks on some lovely prints.

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One Response to “Exclusive: Steve Rude Set to Draw a New Gods Strip for Wednesday Comics 2”
  1. daaaanecooookviadooougstanhope says:

    Nice. Anything to get New Gods flowing back in the main DCU. Been too long.

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