Archie Comics Raises $18K for The Hero Initiative


The Archie Comics blog is reporting that as a result on an online auction, they have managed to raise $18,000 for The Hero Initiative, the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need.

Last March Archie Comics teamed up with the Hero Initiative to produce 50 blank-covered copies of the landmark Archie #600, which stated the world-renowned Archie wedding series, still seen monthly in Life with Archie. Famous artists then took these blank covers, and contributed their own cover sketch for the issue. Each issue was then auctioned off on the Hero Initiative eBay store.

Overall, the Auction generated over $18,000. So huge congratulations to Archie Comics and The Hero initiative, that’s a fantastic achievement!

Creators who contributed covers were:

Ayers, Dick
Bates, Ben
Bone, Jason
Breyfogle, Norm
Case, Jonathan
Chiang, Cliff
Coover, Colleen
Dewey, Ben
dos Santos, Mark
Ellis, Rich
Fleecs, Tony
Garbowska, Agnes
Goldberg, Stan
Gownley, Jimmy
Gray, John
Hahn, David
Hembeck, Fred
Hillman, Dave
Jordan, Jake
Jusko, Joe
Katz, Jack
Keown, Dale
Kieth, Sam
Kirk, Leonard
Krause, Peter
Kunkel, Mike
Linsner, Joseph Michael
Mahfood, Jim
McFarlane, Todd
McKenna, Mark
Metcalf, Michael
Milgrom, Al
Moen, Erika
Moreno, Chris
Morrison, Bill
Nickerson, Al
Ordway, Jerry
Ordway, Rachel
Parent, Dan
Parker, Jeff
Pepoy, Andrew
Prez, George
Perkins, Mike
Perlin, Don
Rodriguez, Tone
Romita, John Sr.
Ruiz, Fernando
Samnee, Chris
Sayger, Stuart
Sienkiewicz, Bill
Sowd, Aaron
Valentino, Jim
Wagner, Carly

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