Alan Moore Joins Fight to Keep Northampton Libraries Open


The Northampton Chronicle & Echo is reporting that Alan Moore is backing a growing campaign to to save Northampton public libraries from closure.

According to the Chronicle, Moore will speak at a reading event arranged by those fighting the potential closure of St James Library in Northampton, on February 5. The library is one of eight libraries in the county earmarked for closure by Northamptonshire County Council due to service cuts.

The article quotes Moore as saying, “I am absolutely against the closure of any library – particularly in the St James area which has had enough taken away from it already. I joined the library in Abington when I was five and all the books available gave me a broad reading experience – without Northampton’s libraries I would not be the writer I am today. I am very concerned about the kids today which might grow up without this access. I am very against taking literacy away from people. Education must not be a privilege for the well-off.”

To read the full article, and find out more about the potential library closures in the area, head to

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3 Responses to “Alan Moore Joins Fight to Keep Northampton Libraries Open”
  1. zallaz says:

    Full review up how Alan Moore library event went…

  2. zallaz says:

    Libraries saved, for now see link! Mr Moore made a lil’ difference!


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