Three Different Eras of Green Hornet Continue this March at Dynamite!


From the press release:

Three different eras of Green Hornet continue this March at Dynamite!

Green Hornet #14 is written by Phil Hester and has art by Jonathan Lau, with covers by Alex Ross, Phil Hester, and Jonathan Lau! In this shocking conclusion to this multi-part epic, Green Hornet stands alone against the unholy power of Santa Muerte. With Mulan Kato on death’s door, will the training of the Kato clan be enough to keep The Green Hornet alive in his first solo showdown? Meanwhile, the original Kato and his nephew Clutch becomes a target for the Yakuza’s deadliest assassin, a man known only as Red Hand.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet Vol. 2: Wearing o’ the Green TPB is written by Kevin Smith and has art by Jonathan Lau, with a striking cover by Alex Ross! The war between The Black Hornet and The Green Hornet reaches its shattering climax in this second volume of Kevin Smith’s daring re-imagining of the classic character. As The Green Hornet and Kato pursue his father’s killer, The Black Hornet reveals a plan that could spell doom for the world itself. Played out on the streets of Century City, a deadly struggle between Hornets threatens to destroy not only our heroes, but the legacy they hoped to restore. It’s high octane action, drama, and humor, as only famed filmmaker Kevin Smith could provide.

Collecting issues #6-10 of the series based on Kevin Smith’s unproduced Green Hornet film, this volume also features a complete cover gallery by industry greats Alex Ross, John Cassaday and Greg Horn.

The Green Hornet: Year One #12 is written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Aaron Campbell, with covers by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla! Brace yourself for the exciting conclusion of the second story arc of Green Hornet: Year One! Green Hornet finally manages to infiltrate the fortress-like Imperial Hotel and comes face-to-face with the undisputed king of organized crime in Chicago, Vincent “Skid” Caruso. Alone in a hive of his enemies, how will the Hornet manage to nab Caruso and get out alive?

The Green Hornet Strikes! #8 is written by Brett Matthews and drawn by Ariel Padilla, with a cover by Erica Awano! Luke’s journey toward becoming Chicago’s newest defender continues! With help from Kato’s new and old, The Green Hornet calls upon the resources of Hornets past to forge his new identity. But can one man make a difference in a city built upon thousands of lies? Or will the would-be hero be forced to become what he hates the most…

Kato #12 is written by Ande Parks and drawn by Diego Bernard, with covers by Ale Garza and Carlos Rafael! Now a full-fledged crime fighter in her own right, the daughter of the original Kato carries on her father’s legacy. Mulan finds life in Century City a bigger challenge than she imagined. The new Kato has to deal with a league of local kung fu killers intent on revenge, complex relationships with the new Green Hornet and her father, as well as a new friend who is actually intent on destroying her. She may become the crime fighter her legendary father was… if she can survive her first month on the job.

Kato Origins #11: The Hellfire Club is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Colton Worley, with covers by Colton Worley and Francesco Francavilla! The conclusion of the whodunit murder mystery comes to a shocking end. Everyone is disguised and everyone is hiding something, even Kato! Can the masked master of martial arts bring justice to society’s elite? Or will it get pinned on the butler?

Final issue of the series!!

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