Saint Walker (the Blue Lantern) to Join the Justice League of America


The DC blog has revealed that Saint Walker, of the Blue Lantern Corp, is set to join the roster of the JLA as of Justice League of America #55.

Why this is, and how it fits in with his current position in the Blue Lantern Corp, is yet to be revealed. The cynic in me is shouting out that this is just a cheap and dirty way to try and pull Green Lantern readers over, and that the story itself is likely to be a boring pile of poop, but what does he know?

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2 Responses to “Saint Walker (the Blue Lantern) to Join the Justice League of America”
  1. Matt Demers says:

    I would agree with you heavily on this one. It’s like taking Amadeus Cho and putting him the Avengers.

  2. Matt Demers says:

    -IN the Avengers, rather.

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