Eddie Berganza Named Executive Editor of the DC Universe Line


In a post on DC’s The Source blog, DC Editor-in-Chief, Bob Harras, has announced that Eddie Berganza has been named Executive Editor of our DC Universe line.

In the article, he says of the move:

A 19-year veteran of DC COMICS, Eddie began his career trafficking the art and scripts going out of DC and worked his way up to Assistant Editor on such titles as GREEN LANTERN, AQUAMAN, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES before moving on to being an Associate Editor dealing with GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR and creating an alternate universe line of books. This led to him becoming the SUPERMAN editor for seven years that included the OUR WORLDS AT WAR crossover and the acclaimed ACTION #775 “What’s so funny about truth, justice, and the American way?” But it was as Senior Editor and then Group Editor, that Eddie found his niche as the “Event Editor.” Stewarding one crossover after another from INFINITE CRISIS to FINAL CRISIS and the recent BLACKEST NIGHT to now preparing for FLASHPOINT, he has been at ground zero for all DCU’s major storylines!

But his true love is still GREEN LANTERN–which he edits today along with the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA-and cannot wait to see the Emerald Warrior’s movie next year!

Before coming to DC, Eddie worked at the science fiction movie magazine Starlog, where he got to learn way too much about Star Trek.

In addition, he also announced the promotion of Ian Sattler to Director–Editorial, Special Projects & Archival Editions:

Born and raised in Washington, DC Ian has been the Senior Story Editor for the DCU for the last three years. Prior to that he acquired over a decade of experience in the comics industry in areas as diverse as editing, marketing and retail. His background also includes forays into other areas of publishing including authoring several non-fiction books and serving as a founding member of influential pop culture magazines SWINDLE and LEMON.

Ian is familiar to many comics fans from his work hosting DC panels at numerous conventions and his fine collection of footwear.

For more information, please head to http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2010/12/01/a-note-from-the-editor-in-chief/

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