Archie Comics Names Alex Segura Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing


Hot on the heals of Alex Segura’s announcement that he would be stepping down from his role as publicity manager at DC Comics, Archie Comics have announced that he will be moving over to their company, and taking on the role of Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing.

Congratulations to Alex, that’s a pretty big step up in the world. I look forward to him bringing the same passion to promoting the Archie line as he did to DC!

From the press release:

New York, NY - (December 6, 2021) Archie Comics, the home of some of the most recognizable and beloved comic book characters in the world, including Archie, Betty and Veronica, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie and the Pussycats, announced today the hiring of Alex Segura as Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing.

Segura, who most recently served as Publicity Manager at DC Comics, will oversee the company’s comic trade and mainstream press publicity and marketing efforts for both the direct and book market, including social media. Segura previously worked as a writer and editor for a number of outlets, including THE MIAMI HERALD, WIZARD MAGAZINE and NEWSARAMA.

“We’re thrilled to have someone with Alex’s experience and ideas come onboard,” said Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics Co-CEO. “It’s an exciting time for the company and we look forward to spreading the word about our books and characters with Alex’s help.”

“My first comic book was a copy of BETTY AND VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST, so coming to Archie is in many ways a homecoming,” Segura said. “I’m energized, honored and very much looking forward to working with Jon and the gang on how best to promote the great collection of characters and stories Archie has to offer.”

Segura played a key role in the launch and maintenance of DC’s first-ever daily news blog, THE SOURCE, and in national publicity campaigns in support of some of the company’s biggest publishing initiatives, including SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, BATMAN AND ROBIN, JOKER, WONDER WOMAN and more. Segura also took part in DC’s outreach to fans via social media hubs like Twitter and Facebook.

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