A.P.N.G. Expands “NEW-GEN” Universe with Film, 3D-Motion Comic


From the press release:

A.P.N.G. Enterprises announced today that the NEW- GEN® Universe is expanding onto multiple new platforms, including the development of a NEW-GEN live action feature film, as well as a revolutionary 3D-Motion Comic.

A.P.N.G. has also announced two key attachments for the feature project both in front of and behind the camera. The first news that will have sci-fi fans talking is that Mark Hamill is attached to play an undisclosed role in the film, marking one of the few times Hamill has been in front of the camera in several years. Additionally, Roger Burlage will join the NEW-GEN team as Executive Producer on the feature project. Burlage, who also is in development on the Pulitzer-nominated bestseller “The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation,” was the former Chairman and CEO of LIVE.

The company has partnered with Green Leaf Film Studios, a multi-focused animation and film studio based in Chengdu, China, to bring the NEW-GEN world to life in a 3D-Motion Comic. The relationship with Green Leaf opens the door for A.P.N.G. to create unique cross-platform opportunities for the NEW-GEN brand, bringing the NEW-GEN Universe to the iPad and iPhone, as well as multiple gaming platforms.

“We look forward to continuing the NEW-GEN saga as we move from comic book prequel, distributed by Marvel, to live action film,” said J.D. Matonti, who co-created and will direct the project. “It is very exciting to breathe life into these Nano-Enhanced characters within the NEW-GEN Universe.”

NEW-GEN, which launched as a limited edition comic book series distributed by Marvel, is the epic story of twin brothers discovering their identity while thrust into the frontlines of a Nanotech war for the fate of two worlds. The comic emerged as an innovative brand in the digital comic world, appearing on Marvel’s website (www.marvel.com) and recently on the iPhone app, via Panelfly (www.panelfly.com).

As the creators of the NEW-GEN franchise, the Matonti Brothers and Julia Coppola will assume producer roles on the feature project, with Chris Matonti producing and Coppola and J.D. Matonti serving as Executive Producers.

For more information about NEW-GEN® visit www.newgenuniverse.com

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One Response to “A.P.N.G. Expands “NEW-GEN” Universe with Film, 3D-Motion Comic”
  1. Wolvy83 says:

    Very exciting news!
    I really hope that they do the ’3D motion comic’ well and that’s it’s not just a gimic. New-gen should be made properly with all focus on character and story.

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