YALSA Announces the Nominees for the 2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens List


YALSA, the Young Adult Services Association, have announced the nominees for their Great Graphic Novels for Teens list, for the year 2011.

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) is the 4th largest division of the American Library Association (ALA). For over 50 years YALSA has been the world leader in recommending reading, listening and viewing for teens.

YALSA publishes selected booklists each year, which offer recommended titles for both the avid and reluctant teen readers,  from 12 to 18 years of age.

The full list of nominees for the year’s list are shown below:


Axe, David and Matt Bors. War is Boring: Bored Stiff, Scared to Death, In the World’s Worst War Zones. New American Library. 2010. 9780451230119. $12.95.
This is the true story of a reporter who covered war for a job then found that he could not live away from it.

Canada, Geoffrey and Jamar Nicholas. Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence. Beacon Press. 2010. 9780807044490. $14.00.
Geoff has to learn the violent codes of the street, or he won’t survive.

Dawson, Willow. Lila and Ecco’s Do-It-Yourself Comics Club. Kids Can Press. 2010. 9781554534388. $16.95.
Lila and Ecco are comics-loving twelve-year-olds who, through their own adventures attending a comicon, show the reader how to make comics themselves.

Dembicki, Matt (Editor) and various artists. Trickster: Native American Tales: A Graphic Collection. Fulcrum Books. 2010. 9781555917241. $22.95.
Trickster tales told by Native American storytellers.

Hinds, Gareth. The Odyssey. Candlewick Press. 2010. 9780763642686. $14.99.
Twenty years of braving monsters, gods, shipwreck, and traitors in order to make it home is the ultimate journey.

Mucci, Tim and Ben Caldwell. The Odyssey. Sterling. 2010. 9781402731556. $7.95.
Odysseus is here to chew bubble gum and kick butt…and he’s all out of bubble gum.

O’ Connor, George. Zeus: King of the Gods. First Second. 2010. 9781596434318. $9.99.
What does it take to become the ruler of the Gods?

Telgemeier, Raina. Smile. Graphix. 2010. 9780545132060. $10.99.
Brace yourself: Middle School plus orthodontia equals dental drama.


Adachi, Mitsuru. Cross Game, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421537580. $19.99.
Ko’s family runs a sporting goods store, but he learns to love baseball from the four sisters who live down the street.

Ando, Natsumi. Arisa, vol. 1. Del Rey Manga. 2010. 9780345522412. $10.99.
When her supposedly perfect identical twin sister Arisa tries to commit suicide, Tsubasa disguises herself at school as her sister and discovers dark secrets that may be more than she bargained for?

Arikawa, Hiro and Kiiro Yumi. Library Wars, vol. 1: Love & War. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421534886. $9.99.
The government of the future has created a committee to determine which books are unsuitable for the general public. Iku Kasahara’s dream of joining the Library Defense Force, a military group formed by the library to defend the right to read, is finally happening, but being a new recruit is not exactly what she thought it would be.

Aristophane and Matt Fadden (Editor). The Zabime Sisters: Bored Stiff, Scared to Death, In the World’s Worst War Zones. First Second. 2010. 9781596436381. $16.99.
Three sisters enjoy the first day of summer vacation in a Caribbean landscape which is both lush and poor.

Arnold, J.D.and Richard Koslowski. B.B. Wolf and the Three LPs. Top Shelf Productions. 2010. 9781603090292. $12.95.
B.B. Wolf wasn’t looking for trouble but the three Little Pigs sure brought it to his door.

Austen, Jane, Seth Grahame-Smith, Tony Leeand Cliff Richards. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel. Del Rey. 2010. 9780345520685. $14.99.
The dead are rising in the mannered English countryside and perhaps, amidst the mortal combat, love may blossom like an English rose.

Campbell, Ross. ShadowEyes, vol. 1. SLG Publishing. 2010. 9781593621896. $14.95.
Your average tale of an African-American teen girl in a dystopian future who morphs into a manga-style creature, becomes a super-hero and rescues a little girl from a zombie.

Carey, Mikeand Peter Gross. The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity. DC/Vertigo. 2010. 9781401225650. $9.99.
What if your father wrote a best-selling fantasy series named after you… and maybe all of it was true?

Churchland, Marian. Beast. Image Comics. 2009. 9781607061472. $15.99.
A young artist is hired to create a sculpture of an ancient creature, but the job is not what it first appears and neither is the beast.

Colbert, C.C. and Tanitoc. Booth. First Second. 2010. 9781596431256. $19.99.
A fascinating biography on the actor who would one day kill Abraham Lincoln.

Crilley, Mark. Brody’s Ghost: Book 1. Dark Horse. 2010. 9781595825216. $6.99.
Brody, a rundown street musician, thinks he is losing it when a dead girl tells him that she needs his help to track down a killer.

Dayton, Brandon. Green Monk. Self-published. 2009. 9780615382838. $4.99.
A young monk with the most powerful blade of grass EVER wanders into battle with a fierce giant.

DeFilippis, Nunzio and Christina Weir. Destiny’s Hand Omnibus. Seven Seas. 2009. 9781934876732. $14.99.
Captain Blaine’s dying wish is to find the legendary gem called the Devil’s Eye. Luckily for him he’s got an unsinkable ship help find the priceless gem. Can he find it in time before fate has something else in mind for him?

Deutsch, Barry. Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword. Amulet Books. 2010. 9780810984226. $15.95.
Mirka is an Orthodox Jewish girl who aspires to live an unorthodox life - fighting dragons.

Dick, Philip K. and Tony Parker.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, vol. 1. BOOM! Studios. 2009. 9781608865000. $24.99.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, vol. 2. BOOM! Studios. 2010. 9781608865093. $24.99.
How do you tell a human from an android?

Dorkin, Evan and Jill Thompson. Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites. Dark Horse. 2010. 9781595825131. $19.99
A group of dogs and one open-minded cat join forces to protect the community of Burden Hill against a variety of supernatural forces.

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Ian Edginton,andI.N.J. Culbard. A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel. Sterling. 2010. 9781402770821. $14.95.
A gripping adaptation of the very first Sherlock Holmes story this is a tale of desperate revenge and keen deduction.

Dunning, John HarrisandNikhil Singh. Salem Brownstone. Candlewick Press. 2010. 9780763647353. $18.99.
Salem receives an inheritance that goes beyond a gothic mansion: he must fight his father’s battle against dark forces.

Fairfield, Lesley. Tyranny. Tundra Books. 2009. 9780887769030. $10.95.
Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?

Fawkes, Ray. Possessions, Book One: Unclean Getaway. Oni Press. 2010. 9781934964361. $5.99.
Gurgazon the Unclean is just about the cutest little pit demon you are likely to meet, try as you might though, this little possessed five-year-old girl does NOT want to stay inside!

Groenig, Matt and Bill Morrison, editor. The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis. Abrams ComicArts. 2010. 9780810988378. $24.95.
Can two comedies survive when the Fry, Bender, Leela and the rest of the Planet Express Delivery service meet up with the citizens from Springfield?

Hale, Shannon, Dean HaleandNathan Hale. Calamity Jack. Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books. 2010. 9781599903736. $14.99.
Rapunzel’s best guy Jack is back to save his mom from the giant at the top of the beanstalk and show what despite all his nefarious plans, he is on the side of the good guys.

Hester, PhilandBrian Churilla. The Anchor, vol. 1: Five Furies. BOOM! Studios. 2010. 9781608860203. $9.99.
God’s own legbreaker wreaks havoc on the evil both in this world and by holding back the hordes at the gate of Hell.

Higson, CharlieandKev Walker. SilverFin: The Graphic Novel. Hyperion Books for Children. 2010. 9781423130222. $19.99.
James Bond’s days at school were as exciting as you might expect with mutants, master criminals, and saving the world as we know it.

Hobbs, Eric and Noel Tuazon. The Broadcast. ComicsLit. 2010. 9781561635900. $13.99.
What happens when you think aliens are going to attack because the power goes out during a radio program describing the invasion?  What would you do to protect your family?

Huang, Jin Zhou and Hiromu Arakawa. Hero Tales, vol. 1. Yen Press. 2009. 9780759531161. $12.99.
Taitou must journey to seek his destiny.

Isaka, Kotara and Megumi Osuga. Maoh: Juvenile Remix, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421534282. $9.99.
In the run-down city of Nekota, sixteen-year-old Ando may or may not have a secret power that he doesn’t understand.  Ando’s “weirdness” has alienated him from his peers in the past, so all he wants to do is keep his head down and graduate. Meanwhile, a gang of vigilantes named Grasshopper, led by the mysterious and charismatic Inukai, has been protecting the citizens from local thugs. But at what price? Is Inukai really as large-hearted as he seems?  Will Ando discover Inukai’s secret?

Itsuki, Natsumi.
Demon Sacred, vol. 1. TokyoPop. 2010. 9781427813893. $5.99.
Demon Sacred, vol. 2. TokyoPop. 2010. 9781427813909. $5.99.
Can two sisters, their scientist cousin, a demon unicorn, and the beast of the Apocalypse save the world from the deadly Return Syndrome, a disease which causes its victims to age in reverse until they disappear?

Iwaoka, Hisae. Saturn Apartments, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421533643. $12.99.
After his father plunges back to Earth, Mitsu takes on his father’s job as a window washer on the space ship Saturn Apartments.

Jablonski, Carla and Leland Purvis. Resistance: Book 1. First Second. 2010. 9781596432918. $16.99.
As the Nazis occupy France, the Resistance grows.

Jacobson, SidandErnie Colon. Vlad the Impaler: The Man Who Was Dracula. Hudson Street Press. 2009. 9781594630583. $25.95.
Dracula pales next to his namesake.

Kalonji, J.P. 365 Samurai And A Few Bowls Of Rice. Dark Horse. 2009. 9781595824127. $16.99.
For a young samurai, the road to enlightenment is paved with the blood of many enemies.

Kawai, Chigusa. Alice the 101st. Digital Manga Publishing. 2010. 9781569701669. $12.95.
Can Alistair Lang-a violinist who has never had any formal musical training-find a place amongst the talented students at Mondonville Music Academy?

Kelly, Joe and Max Fiumara. Four Eyes, vol. 1. Image Comics. 2010. 9781607062929. $9.99.
When his father dies, a young boy takes over his job for a depression era gangster . . . hunting dragons.

Kim, Susan, Laurence KlavanandFaith Erin Hicks. Brain Camp. First Second. 2010. 9781596433663. $16.99.
Two teens discover there something far more sinister than nature hikes going on at their summer camp.

Kitoh, Mohiro. Bokurano: Ours, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421533612. $12.99.
Giant robots have come to Earth, most to attack but one mysterious mech to protect.  A middle school class are the only ones who can control it.

Lagos, Alexander, Joseph Lagos and Steve Walker. Sons of Liberty. Random House Books for Young Readers. 2010. 9780375856709. $18.99.
Two slaves with electrically-charged super-powers bring some hurtin’ back to their tormentors.

Larson, Hope. Mercury. Atheneum Books for Young Readers. 2010. 9781416935858. $27.00.
Two girls: separated by 150 years but connected by one locket with amazing powers.

Layman, John and Rob Guillory. Chew, vol. 1: Taster’s Choice. Image Comics. 2009. 9781607061595. $9.99.
Tony Chu is a cibopath.  When he eats something, he knows everything about what happened to it before it hit his lips.  When he has to investigate murder, just about anything can end up down the hatch.

Lemire, Jeff. Sweet Tooth, vol. 1: Out of the Woods. Vertigo. 2010. 9781401226961. $9.99.
A cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Sweet Tooth tells the story of Gus, a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid children, who has been raised in isolation following an inexplicable pandemic that struck a decade earlier. Now, with the death of his father he’s left to fend for himself…

Leon, Christopher, Laura Harkcom and Brian Churilla. We Kill Monsters. Red 5 Comics. 2010. 9780980930276. $14.95.
Why do monsters keep appearing in Kern County? The Basher Brothers are on a mission to find out.

Marrs, Sondra and John Chalmers. Louis: Night Salad. Metaphrog. 2010. 9780954598419. $14.99.
It started with an accident and concluded with seed spillage in the falling rain.

McCreery, Conor, Anthony Del Col, and Andy Belanger. Kill Shakespeare, vol. 1: A Sea of Troubles. IDW Publishing. 2010. 9781600107818. $19.99.
An adventure story that pits Shakespeare’s greatest heroes against his most menacing villains in a quest to kill — or save — a reclusive wizard by the name of William Shakespeare.

Midorikawa, Yuki. Natsume’s Book of Friends, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421532431. $9.99.
The ability to see yokai leaves Natsume rather lonely and ostracized for most of his life, but a strange legacy left behind by his mysterious grandmother opens him up to friendships with both human and spirits alike.

Mignola, Mike. The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects. Dark Horse. 2010. 9781595825018. $17.99.
The absurd adventures of a robotic Victorian super-hero and other assorted weirdness.

Millar, Mark and Steve McNiven. Wolverine: Old Man Logan. Marvel Comics. 2010. 9780785131724. $29.99.
Fifty years after the heroes lost and evil has taken over the Earth, the man once known as Wolverine is now simply knowns as Logan. Now a worn and weary family man, Logan accompanies the blind archer formerly called Hawkeye on a trek to preserve those nearest and dearest to him.

Motomi, Kyousuke. Dengeki Daisy, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421537276. $9.99.
Orphan Teru is watched over by the mysterious Daisy, a friend of her late brother whom she can only contact through her cellphone.

Neri, G.and Randy Duburke. Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty. Lee & Low Books. 2010. 9781584302674. $16.95.
The life, death and aftermath of an eleven-year-old gangbanger, based on a true tragedy.

Nihei, Tsutomu. Biomega, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421531847. $12.99.
A zombie virus has hit the atmosphere and is spreading rapidly. Now a villainous public health service, a mysterious man on a motorcycle, and a gun-toting bear are all after a girl who seems to be immune.

Ono, Natsume. House of Five Leaves, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421532103. $12.99.
When an out-of-work samurai agrees to work as a bodyguard for the mysterious Yaichi, he finds himself drawn into the crimes of a gang known as the Five Leaves.

Ono, Natsume. Not Simple. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421532202. $14.99.
Ian is on a journey across the USA to try to find his sister.

Raicht, Mike, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III. The Stuff of Legend: Book 1: The Dark. Villard. 2010. 9780345521002. $13.00.
When a boy is kidnapped by the Boogeyman, a group of his toys braves the horrors of the Dark to rescue him.

Renier, Aaron. The Unsinkable Walker Bean. First Second. 2010. 9781596434530. $13.99.
Evil sea witches, skulls made of pearl, pirates, burning ships: now that’s what I call adventure!

Robbins, TrinaandTyler Page. ChicagoLand Detective Agency 1: The Drained Brains Caper. Graphic Universe. 2010. 9780761356356. $6.95.
Something is rotten at Stepford Prepatory Academy and it could be more than the food.

Rucka, Greg and J.H. Williams. Batwoman: Elegy. DC Comics. 2010. 9781401226923. $24.99.
Kate Kane squares off against Gotham City’s newest loony, the Lewis Carroll-quoting Alice. Flashbacks reveal how she got her superhero bona fides after being kicked out of the military for refusing to lie about her sexuality.

Schweitzer, Chris. Crogan’s March: Crogan Adventures 2: The Crogan Adventures. Oni Press. 2010. 9781934964248. $14.95.
The family history of the Crogan’s continues in a brand new adventure of Peter Crogan, a French Legionnaire in 1912.

Shiga, Jason. Meanwhile: Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities. Amulet Books. 2010. 9780810984233. $15.95.
It’s choose your own adventure. It’s a maze. It’s a comic. It’s fun!

Sonishi, Kenji. Neko Ramen, vol. 1: Hey! Order Up! TokyoPop. 2010. 9781427817792. $10.99.
Taishou was a former kitten model, who ran away from home and had a hard life on the streets…until the day he was saved by a kind ramen shop owner who later served as his mentor. Now Taishou takes pride in his noodles…and is easily angered when customers are dissatisfied! So step aside, Soup Nazi - there’s a new cat in town!

Straczynski, J. Michael and Shane Davis. Superman: Earth One. DC Comics. 2010. 9781401224684. $10.99.
Strange visitor disguised as mild-mannered reporter, fight for truth and justice.  You know the story . . . but not quite like this.

Strange Tales. Marvel. 2010. 9780785128021. $19.99.
A host of indie-comics talent bring their skewed visions to Marvel’s classic heroes, in aptly strange versions such as Peter Bagge’s Incorrigible Hulk, Matt Kindt’s Black Widow and Michael Kupperman’s wantonly reckless Avengers.

Stroud, Jonathan and Lee Sullivan. Amulet of Samarkand: A Bartimaeus Graphic Novel. Disney Hyperion. 2010. 9781423111467. $19.99.
A shape-shifting djinni and a magician’s apprentice versus the evil mastermind of the British Empire: the battle is on!

Sukane, Kumiko. Afterschool Charisma, vol. 1. VIZ Media. 2010. 9781421533971. $12.99.
Shiro is the only human in a school full of clones.

Tada, Kaoru. Itazura Na Kiss, vol. 1. Digital Manga. 2009. 9781569701317. $14.95.
Will Kotoko survive the meddling of her family and friends long enough to win the heart of the boy of her dreams?

Tadano, Nobuaki. 7 Billion Needles, vol. 1. Vertical. 2010. 9781934287873. $10.95.
Hikaru’s gotten a second chance at life, but there are some major strings attached.

Talbot, Bryan. Grandville. Dark Horse. 2009. 9781595823977. $17.95.
There is something rotting in the highest levels of society in this anthropomorphic and steampunk fueled Victorian Paris and Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard will badger anyone who stands in the way of the truth.

Taylor, Sarah Stewart and Ben Towle. Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean. Hyperion. 2010. 9781423113379. $17.99.
The beginning of Amelia’s journey inspires one young lady in Canada.

TenNapel, Doug. Ghostopolis. GRAPHIX. 2010. 9780545210287. $14.99.
Teen Garth Hale’s gone ot the other side, but he’s not dead at all. Can he get back to the realm of the living with the aid of his grandfather’s ghost?

Toboso, Yana. Black Butler, vol. 1. Yen Press. 2010. 9780316080842. $10.99.
Earl Phantomhive’s butler is devilishly good.

Torres, J. and Elbert Orr. Lola: A Ghost Story. Oni Press. 2009. 9781934964330. $14.95.
Jesse can see things no one else can see, just like his creepy grandmother.

Townsend, Michael. Amazing Greek Myths of Wonder and Blunders. Dial Books for Young Readers. 2010. 9780803733084. $14.99.
Nine retellings of the most famous of the Greek myths but with lost of chicken, stupid sheep, bunnies, and toasters thrown in.

Waid, Mark and Minck Oosterveer. Unknown, vol. 1. BOOM! Studios. 2009. 9781934506974. $24.99.
Can the world’s smartest detective prove there’s an afterlife before her brain tumor kills her?

Weing, Drew. Set to Sea. Fantagraphics. 2010. 9781606993682. $16.99.
A massive lug, who also happens to be an aspiring poet, is kidnapped and set to sea and discovers hardship and wisdom he never imagined.

White, Tracy. How I Made It to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story. Roaring Brook Press. 2010. 9781596434547. $16.99.
Seventeen year old “Stacy” has checked into a mental institution to deal with her depression (and other issues).

Yaginuma, Kou.Twin Spica, vol. 1. Vertical. 2010. 9781934287842. $10.95.
Thirteen-year-old Asumi has the chance to be a part of Japan’s first manned space mission, but first she has to pass the entrance exam for space school.

Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicoll. Red: A Haida Manga. Douglas & McIntyre. 2010. 9781553653530. $28.95.
Red’s sister was kidnapped years ago and he is determined to exact revenge on her abductors at any cost.

Yang, Gene Luen. Prime Baby. First Second. 2010. 9781596436503. $19.99.
Is Thaddeus’ baby sister a prime number loving alien?

Yolen, Jane and Mike Cavallaro. Foiled. First Second. 2010. 9781596432796. $15.99.
En garde! A girl should never leave home without her trusty rapier.

Yun, JiUn.
Time and Again, vol. 1. Yen Press. 2009. 9780759530584. $10.99.
Time and Again, vol. 2. Yen Press. 2010. 9780759530591. $10.99.
An exorcist and his sensible bodyguard travel through Tang Dynasty China, completing jobs for hire. But even their best efforts can’t always save their clients from the ghosts and grudges that plague them.

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