Eagle Initiative Starts Worldwide Talent Search


From the press release:


THE EAGLE INITIATIVE is pleased to announce that its website is now open for submissions to its innovative worldwide talent search

With Stan Lee as its patron and a host of top name creators on board as judges, the Initiative – an offshoot of the long-established Eagle Awards – is offering untried talent a chance to demonstrate their abilities before a global audience. It is providing a unique platform from which the next generation of writers and artists can promote their storytelling ability in an increasingly competitive market.

Entrants can be a single writer/artist, a writer and artist, or a writer, penciller and inker team. They should submit a clearly told, self contained story of between 4 and 10 pages to http://www.eaglesinitiative.com/Submissions.aspx where full details can be found.

The thousands of projected entries will be assessed by a hand-picked jury of comics readers, which will present a final dozen to the panel of judges comprising many of the comics industry’s top talents. Among those who have already agreed to participate are Tom Brevoort, Mike Carey, Howard Chaykin, Chris Claremont, Mike Deodato Jr, Steve Epting, David Finch, Geoff Johns, Denny O’Neil, Trina Robbins, Bob Shreck, Gail Simone and Roy Thomas.

A cash prize is on offer to the top three entries as voted by the judges:

First……………. £1,000
Second………… £500
Third…………… £250

In addition, all 12 short listed entries will made available both digitally and in print in the form of an internationally distributed anthology.

The deadline for submissions is midnight (Greenwich Mean Time) on Monday, January 31, 2011.

For further details on the Initiative, a full list of judges and complete submission guidelines, go to http://www.eaglesinitiative.com/. For press enquiries, contact Mike Conroy: [email protected]. For further details on the Eagle Awards, contact Cassandra Conroy: [email protected].

Launched in May 2010, the Eagles Initiative provides a unique platform from which the next generation of writers and artists can promote their storytelling ability in an increasingly competitive market. The brainchild of Barry Renshaw, the Initiative is an unprecedented global talent search, entrants will be asked to submit an original self-contained illustrated story. The winner will be awarded a £1,000 cash prize; the runner up will win £500 with the third place submission being given £250. All 12 finalists are to have their stories included in the Initiative Anthology, which will be released as a print publication and in multiple languages across the digital media.

Introduced in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry’s longest established awards. Unique in that they reflect the people’s choice, they are awarded by fans who vote for their favourite in each category of the awards. They are named after the fondly remembered 1950′s British comic anthology Eagle, and were originated by two British fans, Mike Conroy and Richard Burton. The awards proved to be successful, with American publishers such as Marvel Comics announcing their victories with pride. They have relaunched in 2010 with a new look, a new mandate and a new vision for the future.

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3 Responses to “Eagle Initiative Starts Worldwide Talent Search”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Where did you get the January 31 deadline?? It still says November 1st on the site…please clarify!

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Weird! I just copied and pasted this from the press release that they sent me. I’ll emailed them to clarify.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hey, I hope you’re right! Thanks!

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