Comics Pipeline Makes a Second Splash!


From the press release:

CHICAGO, IL - 21 October 2021 – One month after the initial splash page with exclusive artwork featured by Ben Templesmith (Choker), Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps), Talent Caldwell (Batgirl) and Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen), COMICS PIPELINE announces a second splash page with even more exclusive work from today’s talented comics industry creators!

Grant Bond (Megamind), Juan Ferreyra (Rex Mundi, Falling Skies), Dan Leister (Hack/Slash), Chee Yang Ong (Dawn of the Dead, 5 Ways to Die), Jenny Frison (cover artist for IDW’s Angel) and Newsarama columnist Dirk Manning (Nightmare World), in conjunction with artists Seth Damoose (Bomb Queen Presents: All Girl Comics, Fractured Fables) and Anthony Peruzzo (Popgun Vol. 4, Fractured Fables) are among the next talents to partner with!

The creators assembled thus far are enthusiastic about stretching the boundaries of traditional comic book publishing, creating their own delivery methods for their “private” Pipeline sketch work as well as their exclusive story lines only found on this website. Artist Jenny Frison (Angel) “is excited to be a part of Comics Pipeline and is honored to be included alongside such talented creators.” Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps) is one of those creators pushing his boundaries by offering a Comics Pipeline-only ongoing story, saying “I have some great talent helping out for an original story I’m looking forward to putting up exclusively on Comics Pipeline!” as well as Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Choker) who’s “gearing up for an all-new webcomic that I’m creating specifically for Comics Pipeline fans!” Bomb Queen creator, Jimmie Robinson, caps it best by saying “November’s going to be a pretty exciting month!”

COMICS PIPELINE launches in a few short weeks in November. However, fans that go to the site right now will be able to gain access for a taste of some of the exclusive artwork uploaded by all ten of these exciting creators that will be launching with Comics Pipeline in November!

COMICS PIPELINE provides a direct conduit between exclusive, never-before-seen artistry by today’s top industry creators and their fans! Instead of reprinting archived material that fans and readers already have, Comics Pipeline will contain original pieces and stories by the top-tier creators that drive this industry. Dirk Manning eloquently characterizes, saying “Comics Pipeline represents a huge step forward in the evolution of delivering online comic content to directly to readers, and I’m happy to be involved alongside so many other talented and forward-gazing creators who are also embracing this revolutionary new approach to delivery and creator/reader interaction!”

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