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From the press release:

The World at Your Fingertips: Announces Global Blogging

JULY 27, 2021 - SEATTLE, WA—The Comics Journal website has just launched a major platform for comics news and commentary by bloggers from all over the world. On the opening day of this international gateway, you can expect to see new blog posts from respected correspondents in Argentina, Australia, Italy, The Philippines, Sweden and Turkey. Each of these nations will have its own ongoing blog on and over the next several weeks we will be adding blogs from every corner of the globe. All blogs will be in English but each post will have a link allowing it to be translated into the language of the blog’s home country or any one of more than 50 other languages. Our ultimate goal is to provide a hub of communications from the comics communities of virtually every nation on Earth.

While you’re there, check out the constant flow of smart comics blogs and essays on Among the features scheduled for this week are Chris Mautner on Top Shelf’s Swedish Invasion, Tom Crippen on American Son, eye-popping Golden Age covers by Alex Schomburg and illustrations by Robert Binks; Roland Kelts on Tokyopop after the downsizing, R.C. Harvey on death in the funnies; and much more! Recent posts have included a new interview witith Gahan Wilson, Gary Groth’s past interviews with Harvey Pekar, and the strangest comics Shaenon Garrity has ever seen.

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