Stephen Wacker Reveals The Secret History of Spider-Man Fans!


From the press release:

Marvel’s Senior Editor Stephen Wacker is about to shed light on the secret history of Spider-Man fans—are you ready for the wildest, web-slinging blog in the world? Head on over to the official Spider-Office Blog at and discover rarely seen fan letters from the mail-bag of the world’s friendliest neighborhood super hero! This week, learn just how award-winning writer Kurt Busiek felt about Spider-Man in the 70s and how he would’ve “fixed” Amazing Spider-Man.

“The one thing that’s great about Marvel fans is that there’s nothing they won’t argue about,” said Wacker. “That kind of dedication and love is the reason our characters resonate with so many readers. So for everyone who thinks debate and controversy and over our favorite wall-crawler is something new, you may be surprised to find out that Marvel’s been screwing Spidey up from #1!”

Now’s your chance to get a look at a piece of Marvel Comics history—just click over to the Spider-Office Blog now!

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