SJS Comic Promotions Announces Release of Enforcers Issue One


From the press release:

After the very successful re-release of the Enforcers Zero Issue – The Director’s Cut, publisher and creator Carl Herring announced today that the first issue of The Enforcers will be officially released on Wednesday July 28, 2010. At a release party to be held at Sarge’s Comics in New London CT, Herring will be appearing from 4 to 7pm, signing copies of his new book along with some great giveaways.

The Enforcers epic five part mini-series “Countdown to The Alliance” kicks off with The Enforcers Part One featuring Maddox Turner, the sensational follow-up to The Enforcers Zero Issue - The Director’s Cut. Excitement explodes off the pages as Federal Drug Czar, Senator Lawrence Fulton recruits Special Forces Commando Maddox Turner to train an elite group of D.E.A. agents known as Enforcers to combat a powerful New York City drug cartel called The Alliance. With the classic art style of Tod Smith and colors by Ed Traquino, Issue One introduces readers to the major players that will capture attention in the series.

The Enforcers focuses on America’s war on drugs that has taken a turn for the worst as drug lords across the country unite to create stronger drug cartels that openly challenge the nation’s law enforcement communities. To combat these cartels, newly appointed Federal Drug Czar, Senator Lawrence Fulton has created The Enforcers Project. The goal of The Enforcers Project is to place small teams of specially trained and equipped men and women appointed as D.E.A. Enforcers in major cities throughout the nation. Their mission will be to target specific drug cartels and use all their resources to destroy the illegal operations.

Sarge’s Comics is located at 124 State Street in New London, CT. For more information about Three J Productions LLC, Carl Herring Jr. or the Enforcers mini-series, visit

SJS Comic Promotions is owned and operated by Promotions Consultant, Susan Soares. Opening its doors officially in 2009, Soares has been working in the comic book industry since 2007 as a part of Jolly Rogue Studios. The purpose of SJS Comic Promotions is to provide support and guidance to comic book creators in the areas of marketing and promotions of their properties. Currently SJS Comic Promotions represents Dandelion Studios, Fallenmage Productions, Big Bone Studios, Mustard Seed Comics, Dark Brain Comics, Jolly Rogue Studios and Three J Productions LLC. Soares is also a novice comic book writer with three short stories to be published within the next year.

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