Archaia Preview - Critical Millennium: the Dark Frontier #1


From the solicitation:

Retail Price: $3.95 U.S.
Page Count: 40 pages
Format: saddle bound, 6.625” x 10.25”, full color
On-sale Date: July 8, 2021
Written by Andrew E. C. Gaska
Illustrated by Daniel Dussault
Cover by Daniel Dussault

Chronicling 1,000 years of mankind’s rise and fall in space! To avert the path all thought unavoidable, a bold group of explorers takes the first steps toward leaving Earth’s solar system. Their quest: new worlds to colonize, so that humanity may yet have yet a chance at survival. Led by philanthropist Thomm Coney, and utilizing an untried star-drive, the team is scorned by the world’s government and canonized by its citizens. And even getting off the ground, they soon realize, may be the most difficult task ahead…

In this first, exciting issue: A ship on the verge of collapse, its captain maddened by the depths of space and the darkness in his heart. A glimpse into the final voyage of the Black Rabbit—humanity’s hope for survival—reveals the lonely fate of Captain Coney as he encounters a strange energy field on the edge of the universe, and the creature within—an ancient being that will stop at nothing short of his soul…

Mature Readers (contains Nudity and Adult Content)


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