Marvel Releases the Fifth and Sixth Avengers Academy Teasers, Featuring Finesse and Hazmat


Marvel has revealed that this June they will debut ANOTHER new Avengers comic series, this one called Avengers Academy. The series will be written by Christos Gage, and will feature artwork by Mike McKone. The title is set to pick up where Avengers: The Initiative left off, featuring a school training new superheroes how to use their powers.

Marvel are revealing the characters that will appear in the book through a series of teaser images. The fifth one features a new character called Fineese, and the quote “I can do anything you can do better”, and the sixth one features a new character called Hazmat, and the quote “I am a weapon of mass destruction”.

For the first teaser, featuring Veil, see here.

For the second teaser, featuring Striker, see here.

For the third teaser, featuring Reptil, see here.

For the fourth teaser, featuring Fortress, see here.

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