Kurt Busiek to Usher in the Heroic Age with Age of Heroes


CBR have the news that Marvel is set to highlight the effects of ‘Heroic Age‘ on smaller characters in the Marvel U, with Age of Heroes, a four issue anthology series, debuting in May, which gives readers the  get a chance to see how the Heroic Age impacts many of their favorite characters

The series will be edited by Tom Brevoort, and the first issue will feature a lead story by Kurt Busiek and Marko Djurdjevic, which “serves to frame the overall conversation about what the new Heroic Age means to the common man, framed through the perspective of New York mayor J. Jonah Jameson.”

Other stories in the first issue include “a Doctor Voodoo story that’s about the human side of being Sorcerer Supreme, a short MI:13 tale that has those characters meeting with Steve Rogers, and a tiny vignette in which Spider-Man discovers what the new Heroic Age means for him”.

Over on his blog, Paul Cornell has revealed that the MI:13 story will be written by him, with artwork by Leonard Kirk!

Brevoort revealed that the characters who’ll be featured in subsequent issues include, the Young Masters, Gravity, Harry Osborn, the Gauntlet, the Blue Marvel, Taskmaster, Zodiac, Cloud 9 and Squirrel Girl, and “Captain America in a block of ice”.

Talking about his story in the first issue, Busiek revealved that

It’s sort of a “Marvels” or “Astro-City”-like story, set in New York in the wake of the events of “Siege,” as the Heroic Age is dawning, but, well, if you had Jonah as your eyes into the story instead of Phil Sheldon. JJJ, as mayor of New York, wants to spin the events of “Siege” in a way that makes people scared of super-powered people and eager to embrace and champion the common man (and their natural leader, Jonah himself). But things happen with the Avengers involving earthquake faults and running around and shouting and busting things up that send things off in a different direction from what Jonah had intended. And, well, to say more would be to give too much away.

But it should make for a good street-level portrait of ordinary people in the Marvel Universe and how they’re feeling after “Siege,” and just as the Heroic Age is beginning.

I should also mention that the art for my story is being done by Marko Djurdjević, whose stuff I’ve loved on “Thor,” so I can’t wait to see what he does with my script. Should be gorgeous.

To read the full interview, head here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=24798

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